Non Medical Transcription Jobs

What are non medical transcription jobs?

Non-medical transcription jobs, also called general transcription jobs and business transcription jobs are any kind of transcription jobs that are non-medical transcription.

Medical and legal transcription are not the only kind of transcription work. Non-medical transcription work is easier to get into than medical transcription work.

You don’t need to know medical terminology or legal terminology. You don’t need to take extensive transcription course.

If  you’re looking for legitimate typing work from home, consider general transcription. It’s one of the best home typing jobs from home and there is plenty of work available.

You can specialize in doing non-medical transcription work. You can general transcription with medical transcription work. Or you can combine it with secretarial and virtual assistant work.

Here are some resources to help you find transcription work.

Non-medical transcription books

Medical Transcription Books

Check out General Transcription Work from Home, a site dedicated to general transcription work from home.  Find out more about general transcription,  how you can get general transcription work from home, how to get transcription work from transcription companies who outsource transcription work to freelance transcriptionists, and more. Visit and sign up for the newsletter

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